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New Conservatory Costs 2024

Building a conservatory is a great way to add extra space and value to your home, but one of the main considerations before taking the plunge is cost. 

Typically, the cost of a conservatory can range from £10,000 – £20,000.

Factors such as materials used, labour costs, planning/building regulations and location all contribute to how much you will pay for your new conservatory.

The material you chose for the conservatory roof will also affect the cost. For example your conservatory will cost less is you opt for glass roof instead if a solid roof. 

It’s important that you budget realistically when deciding on how much you would like to spend on a conservatory.

Conservatories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that suits your budget and needs.

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Lean-To Conservatory Cost

The price of a lean-to conservatory typically ranges from £8,000 – £12,000 depending on the size and materials used. 

A lean-to conservatory is structurally different to other types of conservatories as it has a flatter roof that slants at an angle.

The advantage of lean-to conservatories is that they are relatively easy to build, compared to other conservatories.

Additionally, as the structure is designed with a dwarf wall, it allows a maximum amount of natural light to enter the room. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone wanting to make use of their outdoor space in all seasons.

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Edwardian Conservatory Cost

Generally, a basic Edwardian conservatory costs between £10,000 – £18,000. However, popular features such as roof lights can add to the price, so this is worth considering when budgeting.

Edwardian conservatories are popular as they offer a classic and timeless aesthetic appeal. They feature a distinctive box-like shape with a flat front and two angled sides. This structure offers more interior space than other conservatory types.

A traditional Edwardian conservatory has vertical glazing bars which divide the windows into several small sections for added security and privacy.

The advantage of an Edwardian conservatory is that it provides an airy, spacious feel due to its square shape. This allows plenty of light into the room and provides unrestricted views out into the garden. 

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Victorian Conservatory Cost

Victorian conservatory prices depends on various factors such as size, materials used and the complexity of design. Generally, you could expect to pay anywhere from £10,000 – £20,000.

However, there are ways to reduce the costs by opting for cheaper materials or using a simpler design. It’s also possible to find second-hand Victorian conservatories on the market at reduced prices.

A Victorian conservatory is a great choice if you want to add an element of tradition and elegance to your home. They offer a unique style, due to their shape and detailed features.

They are characterised by an octagonal or hexagonal base with a steeply pitched roofline. 

Whilst Victorian conservatoires have many structural advantages, they are more expensive than other types due to their complexity. 

Additionally, they usually require planning permission as the roofline is often higher than permitted by building regulations.

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P Shaped Conservatory Cost

P shaped conservatory cost can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, materials, and additional features. Generally speaking, a basic P shaped conservatory will typically cost between £8,000 – £20,000.  

A P shaped conservatory is a type of structure that combines two different styles of conservatories into one. It’s distinctive ‘P’ shape gives it its name and sets it apart from other types of conservatories. 

The main benefit to having a P shaped conservatory is that it allows you to have more room without having to extend your house. 

In addition, because they take up less outdoor space than traditional conservatories, they are often a great solution for smaller gardens.

Its versatility means that it can be customised to match the style of your home, while still providing all the benefits of a traditional conservatory. 

Find out the average p shaped conservatory price

L Shaped Conservatory Cost

The average L shaped conservatory cost can range anywhere from £8,000 – £20,000

If you opt for the most basic design with a uPVC frame and polycarbonate roofing, you can expect to pay in the lower end of this range.

An L shaped conservatory is the perfect choice for those looking to bring an extra element of grandeur and style to their home. 

Featuring two adjoining sides, this type of conservatory offers an incredible amount of living space that can be used for a multitude of purposes. 

Structurally, they differ from other types of conservatories as they form an ‘L’ shape, with one side running off at a right angle from the other. This allows far more room than traditional rectangular designs and provides the potential for and multiple uses in one structure. 

Find out the average l shaped conservatory price

T Shaped Conservatory Cost

T Shaped conservatories cost anywhere from £8,000 – £20,000 for a standard T shaped conservatory.

A T shaped conservatory offers the perfect solution if you want to combine traditional and modern aesthetics. 

It features a rectangular, open plan design with two long sides connected by a shorter side, creating a “T” shape.

The distinctive shape also allows for more glass panes than other designs, increasing natural light and giving you a beautiful view outside your home.

The versatility and flexibility that comes with having a T shaped conservatory makes it ideal for creating a multi-purpose area that can be used as an extension of your main living space. 

Find out the average t shaped conservatory price

Orangery Cost

The average cost of an orangery is dependent on a few key factors such as the size, complexity of the build and materials used. You can expect to pay between £20,000 – £40,000 for an orangery.

An orangery is a type of conservatory that offers a unique take on traditional extensions

Structurally, the main difference between a standard conservatory and an orangery lies in the greater level of brickwork, which is usually used to form the walls and columns of the structure. 

This makes for a much more substantial build than many other types of conservatories and creates an eye-catching feature that adds character to your home. 

Also, due to its increased mass, an orangery will offer far greater levels of insulation against noise and heat, making it an ideal place for dining, entertaining or simply relaxing.

In terms of design, the larger brickwork featured on orangeries also enables you to personalise the structure with different styles of brick and colour options. 

Save Money On Your Dream Conservatory

There are several ways to reduce the cost of your conservatory installation, and here are some tips to help you do just that.

First, shop around for different installers who can provide conservatories at competitive prices. Many companies will offer different levels of quality and pricing, so make sure to compare multiple quotes

Secondly, consider using off-the-shelf materials rather than bespoke options. Components from local DIY stores could be more cost-effective way to create a new conservatory.

Thirdly, make sure you get the right size for your conservatory installation. This can have an impact on both the cost and efficiency of the construction process. A larger conservatory will require more materials and labour, increasing costs significantly.

Finally, ensure that you are aware of building regulation and planning permission requirements before beginning your conservatory installation. Failure to comply with these could result in costly delays or even hefty fines. 

The Lifespan of a Typical Conservatory

A key consideration when you’re looking to build a conservatory is how long it will last. 

On average, a well-installed conservatory should last between 20 and 30 years if maintained correctly.

The exact lifespan will depend on various factors such as the quality of materials used and building work.

To get the most out of your conservatory, regular maintenance should be carried out. This includes cleaning windows, doors, and frames on a regular basis. 

Compare Conservatory Prices

In conclusion, conservatories are a cost-effective way to create more space and increase the value of your property. But how much does a conservatory cost in your local area?

We can connect you with local companies to ensure that you receive the most competitive conservatory installation quotes. 

There is no obligation to proceed with any quotes provided, so you can take your time and consider your options carefully.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A 3m x 3m uPVC conservatory will typically cost around £8,000 – £10,000.

If planning permission is needed, additional expenses might be incurred for applications and necessary adjustments to comply with regulations. However, not all conservatories require planning permission, so it’s advisable to check with local authorities or seek professional advice.

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